What is the best way to clean glasses?

After making a significant financial investment in a pair of eyeglasses, be sure to take good care of them. The glasses will last longer and serve you better if you keep them clean and in good repair. Here are some ways to properly clean eyeglasses, and how to care for them in order to prolong their life.
While most lenses are made of plastic, you still will need to be careful when cleaning them. Depending on how dirty they are, use either a wet or dry cleaning method. If the glasses are just slightly dusty, use a dry, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the front and back of each lens. Dirtier eyeglasses, or those with sticky residue on them, will need a more thorough washing with soap and water.

Run warm water over each lens, front and back. Carefully run a small amount of mild hand soap over the lenses. Rinse immediately with warm water, and repeat if necessary. Dry with a soft towel or, if you don’t need to wear the glasses right away, leave them on a flat surface to dry.

Eyeglass cleaners and sprays are available for those who prefer them. Some of these are designed to be used with a dry cloth, and others are to be used in place of hand soap when washing glasses under running water. Our optician can give you more information and a recommendation about these products.
When cleaning eyeglasses, be sure not to distort or bend the frames or nose pieces. Certain types of metal frames, especially those made of thin wire, are easily bent. If you do accidentally bend them and can’t easily fix them, take them to Lake Plains Optical as soon as possible for repair.

Each time you clean your glasses, check the screws that hold the frame together. Sometimes they become loose, and it is much easier to tighten a screw than it is to find it after it falls out. Use a very small screwdriver to tighten any screws that become loose. If it is a recurring problem, see Lake Plains Optical for a larger screw. Another option is to use a small drop of clear nail polish to seal the screw in place. This is not a permanent solution, but should last at least a couple of weeks until you are able to see an eye care specialist.

When putting eyeglasses down, do not rest them on the lenses. This will scratch them, and it is difficult to see through scuffed and scratched lenses. If you do get a small, shallow scratch on a lens, ask an optician about using a polishing kit to buff the scratch out. They are not recommended for lenses with certain coatings, so ask before using and follow all directions to avoid harming the glasses. If you notice a deep scratch, see an Lake Plains Optical for a replacement lens.

How do I remove scratches from glasses?

Most people think buying scratch-resistant eye glasses means never having to deal with scratched lenses, but with improper care, all lenses will scratch, even those made of glass. When lens scratches begin to interfere with vision, people may ask their eye care professional how best to remove them. They are usually told the scratches cannot be removed and new lenses are necessary. Although this is especially true for glass lenses, plastic lens scratches can sometimes be repaired by some do-it-yourself remedies.
The best solution is proper preventive care of eye glasses, whether they are made of plastic or glass. Storing eye glasses in a sturdy, cushioned eyeglass case is the first step in prevention of scratches. This means the eye glasses should never be placed in a pocket or purse without a protective covering. Never use facial tissues or paper towels to clean lenses, as these products will scratch the lenses. Clean lenses every day with soapy water and dry with a soft, clean cloth, preferably one made for that purpose. Do not clean with soaps containing anti-bacterial products or hand creams. Know that some products including household cleaners, acetone (nail polish remover), perfume, and hair spray can harm lens coatings.

10 things to do with old Glasses?

Wondering what to do with those old glasses of yours? You know the ones, with the outdated frames and a prescription from 15 years ago? Believe it or not, there are many things you can do with old glasses.

1 – Recycle them. Put them in a glass recycling bin such as the Lions Club. If the frames are metal or plastic, you can recycle those also, if your city offers those recycling services.

2 – Donate them. Many charities, such as the Lion’s Club, collect glasses to give to people in need who can’t afford them. Ask your anyone at LPEC where the Lions Bin is located.

3 – Save them. Glasses make a great accessory to many costumes. Remember Harry Potter? Children all over the world were clamoring for glasses on Halloween. Include them in your daughter or granddaughter’s stash of dress-up clothing.

4 – Hand your old glasses down. If they are simple reading glasses, chances are someone in your family could use them after you’ve graduated out of them. Ask around with your family and friends.

5 – Use them again. If you like the frames, ask your our optical shop to switch out the lenses for your current prescription, or make them into sunglasses. Alternately, if the prescription is good but the frames are outdated, simply purchase new frames.

6 – Make your old glasses into a work of art. Be creative. Attach a pair of glasses to a pot for a plant, and glue a nose and a mouth underneath them. Create a sock or paper puppet with your grandchildren, and give it glasses. Pop out the lenses, paint them with glass paint, and hang them from a hoop to make a beautiful wind chime. Or, simply let your artist child paint them with acrylic paint. She might enjoy painting on something other than paper. As an added bonus, let her attach sparkling rhinestones to the frames as well.

7 – Get silly. Put your old glasses on your children’s snowman. It will be the best looking snowman on the block. Set the glasses gently on your pet’s face and take pictures to share with family and friends.

8 -Send them on a trip. LPEC Participates in vision Aid Overseas, a charity that sends eye teams overseas, along with glasses, to help communities in developing countries.

9 – Pile them neatly into a decorative bowl and set it next to a stack of serious novels. This will make you look like an intellectual. Bonus points if you have an actual library in your home.

10 – Use them as a gag gift for your friends and family members who are having a milestone birthday, such as a 40th birthday. Attach them neatly to the top of a gift box, in the center of the bow, or wrap them up and include a hat so that both their eyes and imminent baldness are covered.