Your First Visit

At the time of your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a medical information form. It is important that you bring your glasses or contacts, a list of your medications with dosages, a list of drug allergies, insurance cards, your copayment and any other information that you feel would be helpful.

Total Eye Care We may require the dilation of your pupils on this visit. Your vision may be blurred, and your eyes will be sensitive to light. Please bring sunglasses for your comfort on the trip home. Most patients are able to drive themselves, but you should have someone available to bring you home in case you do not feel comfortable doing so.  The effects of the drops typically wear off in four to six hours.If you have been referred to us for evaluation and treatment of a particular condition, your exam will be specific to that condition, using specialized techniques as necessary.

Contact Lens Fitting The cost of contact lens fitting services is separate and distinct from the exam fees you are charged by the LPEC Doctors. The contact lens prescription will include very specific information that is not determined or provided during a regular eye exam performed by your doctor. Please also note, that these services may require multiple office visits. A contact lens fitting takes longer than a regular eye exam, so please allow yourself plenty of time. When making an appointment, be sure to let the office know that you need a contact lens fitting, not just a regular eye examination.